Caring for Life charity - Supporters Day July 2019

a day trip to Leeds - by SSoR members and friends


Here are some photos of our trip:

We were on the road by about 5am, arriving several stops later, at


SSoR (Sunday school of Rock - Hook’s Youth band) had raised a goodly amount of money in last December’s Winter Concert 2019, and this time had chosen to donate the money to Caring for Life (CfL); so SSoR decided upon going along to this year’s CfL Supporter’s Day: 7 SSoR members took up this challenge of driving to Leeds for the day!

CfL helps vulnerable people in the Leeds area. Their work has several strands - they have lots of practical projects which the ‘beneficiaries’ can be involved in on a weekly basis eg woodworking, car mechanics, gardening, art, cooking and many more. Then, the quality products created in these projects eg bird tables, marmalades, plants and much more are sold in the CfL shop. There are also 2 residential houses where a small number of residents can live full time.

CfL also has a team of people who go into Leeds to help vulnerable people out: the “Being There” team. Anyone from the local area can also come and visit the restaurant and farm shop.

During our Supporter’s Day, there was a Thanksgiving Service, and our SSoR was presented with a ‘Young Champions award’. Paul also gave a moving tribute to Peter, the founder of CfL.There was lovely singing from the CfL Choir. This was a great opportinity to thank God for all His help with the work at CfL.


There is also a project where young people can work at CfL as a ‘Time for Jesus’ (TfJ) volunteers. We are delighted to be having 2 of our members at Hook , Hannah and Jovita, being TfJ volunteers this next year.


There was plenty of time for fun during the Supporter’s Day too!


We also had a chance to see some of the CfL projects: we could stroke the horses - some of whom had come from previous - royal working life.. We saw a horses driving demo, with a specially designed cart, which enables a wheelchair-user to be a co-driver. In the woodworking studio, we could see the processes involved in creating the bird tables, which are sold in the shop to help raise funds for CfL.


The ‘Being There’ team undertake such a valuable role in supporting vulnerable people in Leeds.

There was an impressive art display, themed on the stories of Narnia. We also visited the beautiful Sensory Garden. There were many more projects which we didn’t have the opportunity to explore - they will have to wait until next year.


There was delicious food available throughout the day.


We had great travelling mercies, as we safely undertook the return journey. Then Toddington Services for that final selfie.


We praise God for His protection during our journey and for giving us such a great day!

We also praise God for all that He is doing through the work of Caring for Life.

If you would like to find our more about Caring for Life, do go on their website.

At Hook Church we have Supporter’s Prayer Meetings 3 times a year, which always include a DVD highlighting one of the projects of CfL. We also hold fundraising cream-tea afternoons; the next afternoon tea is on Tues 6th August, 2.30 - 4pm. Do join us!