Camp 2018

On Fri 25th May,  Spectrum and  Discovery youth groups went off to Camp at Walton Firs, Cobham.



Lily – a member of Spectrum – aged 10:

my favourite parts of Camp 2018


It was tricky to decide which part was my favourite because I had so much fun at Camp! Every part of Camp was exciting and I really enjoyed my weekend. Probably my favourite day was Sunday: on Sunday it was a very hot day, which means sun-cream, hats sun glasses and staying in the shade. Also lots of people were practising for Camp’s Got Talent (CGT) but I stayed and played on the bouncy hoppers for ages.

15 falling off crates.jpg

At 10.00am we all got into our groups: the groups were caving, low-ropes and crate-stacking. I went in the crate-stacking. We put on our harnesses and got put into teams (me and my sister were team-captains), and they explained the rules. I was first and every time I stepped on the cate it wobbled. When I had only gone 10 crates high it finally tumbled down. As I jumped off the 2m high tower it felt like I was flying; it was awesome!

9 ropes.jpg


The next activity was low-ropes. This was my second favourite, just because the feeling of flying was amazing with the crates activity.



When we got back to the Camp site we had Camp’s Got Talent (CGT). All of the acts were really good and I enjoyed being in the audience, and especially watching the leaders being given what looked like dog-food by the cooks (or chefs).


Last but not least we had our Camp Fire! At the Camp Fire we toasted marshmallows, made ‘ s’mores ’ [melted marshmallows between Rich-tea biscuits], and Doug told us a story about an athlete called Eric [ Liddell – who refused to run on a Sunday because of his faith, and still won the 400m race].

The most terrifying thing that day was the lightning and thunder coming towards us – luckily we were safe in our dorms!



Martha - a member of Spectrum - aged 8

my favourite parts of Camp 2018


around the campfire.jpg

I loved everything, although the bit which was my favourite was the part when we had a water-balloon fight – it was sooooo fun! In second place it was the Camp Fire, because we had ‘ s’mores ‘ and hot chocolate. In third place it was the activities because crate-stacking felt like flying [when you fell off the crate, whilst attached to a harness]. Low-ropes was another challenge. So was caving, but I didn’t do it so I don’t know what it is like!  

Then it was Saturday, because something bad happened – the speaker, JP, broke his wrist when he fell over running down and up a ravine. After this happened, me and Amy got the First Aiders. After he had gone to hospital, my Dad, Tim, then did the other talks. Sadly, JP only got to do one talk [though JP will be visiting Spectrum on Fri 29th June, and will do one of his talks then]. The talk which JP did was the Parable of the Sower. My Dad (Tim) did the Parable of the Lost Son, The Parable of the Pharisee and Tax Collector; The Parable of the Wise and Foolish Builders.

Finally, and quickly, the time for Camp came and went.

Goodbye Camp – I’m looking forward to next year!


2 John doing Disc talk.jpg


Discovery youth group (age 11-14) did the same activities as Spectrum. Their talks were given by Jon Ward with the theme that we can be made winners by having Jesus as our captain. Also, ordinary people can be made to catch more with God's help; Glory seekers are made to be servants: to serve others; we share in God's Glory, when we have our sins forgiven through trusting in Jesus. The Bible readings were taken from Mark 1,4,7,10.

1 Doug and Bible verse.jpg


Doug taught everyone the Bible verse song: "The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law. But thanks be to God! He gives us victory through the Lord Jesus Christ" 1 Corinthians 15 v56-57.




The Chefs: Phil & Jane, and Tom & Nat kept everyone in delicious food the whole weekend

date night treats.jpg

Each night a couple from the Church was assigned as 'Nightwatch' -  to stay up through the night to be there for anyone who needed help, and so enable the leaders to have a full night's sleep. This was also termed as 'date-night' - and each couple was given a bottle of Shloer, and a tealight/candle!

A big thank you to everyone who helped make Camp such a success!