Hook Ladies Day - 10th Mar 2018

@ Pilgrim Hall, E Sussex


1. A carload arrives.jpeg.jpg

47  ladies from Hook Church enjoyed travelling in our various cars from Chessington/ Surbiton etc, navigating our way to East Sussex using Sat Navs, Google Maps and maps.




2. welcome to Hook Ladies.jpeg.jpg


We were warmly greeted by the team at Pilgrim Hall






3.Birde eye Refreshments -  1.jpeg.jpg



with plenty of delicious refreshments available, including pastries, teas and coffees.

We had a number of opportunities to chat over refreshments during the day.


4. Rosie P.jpeg.jpg





Rosie welcomed us to the day. We then had a time of worship.




5. All Discussing.jpeg.jpg


We then had an opportunity to share our stories of how we came to faith, with the others on our table. 



6. Becky a .jpeg.jpg

Becky then gave us a really interesting talk from 1 Peter 2 v9,10: how, as women, we are Daughters of the King. As women,  we are called to be 'Ezer', a Hebrew word from Genesis 2: 18, which is normally translated as  'helper'. But more than that of being a 'helper', 'ezer' speaks of being a 'Warrior', a person of strength: dedicated, committed, restorative.

Because of the Fall, our relationship with God and others have been broken, with a tendency to struggle, doubt, retreat or control. Through our salvation in Jesus, we can have that relationship restored, and we can once again become a Daughter of the King.

And so, as Daughters of the King, we have been chosen by God, we are considered as royalty and as one with direct access to God through Jesus. As Christians, we are 'Children of God' and we all belong to Him.

We don't need to judge ourselves when we slip up, for we are a work in progress; we need to constantly receive God's gift of grace; we must be real and honest before God with how we are; we also need to always trust Him, declaring 'I am the Lord's servant'. And each day God will show Himself faithful to us, Daughters of the King.

7. Joyce.jpeg.jpg


After refreshments, Joyce shared her testimony, which was a wonderful witness of the provision of God, often through other Christians, helping her to persevere through tough times, yet praising God always. Joyce quoted ' The Lord will fight for you, you only need to be still', Exodus 14 v14.




8. back from a walk.jpeg.jpg


We then had a delicious lunch, especially a tasty potato dauphinoise, and for pudding a rich chocolate flan. Afterwards we had the opportunity to go for a walk in the grounds....



9. time for a chat.jpeg.jpg


...or to stay in and have a chat.




14. the programme b.jpeg.jpg


After lunch Becky continued with a second talk, entitled 'Sisters in Christ', from 1 Peter 4 v8-11. Here Becky spoke about ' our relationship with one another as Sisters in Christ. Our love for one another is to shine like stars, with forgiveness, true Service, sharing hospitality, each using our different gifts, as varied as 'a meadow of Spring flowers': all in His strength and for His glory.

And personally, our true beauty is being a woman at peace with her Saviour; with grace to be, and room to become.

We are to show God's beauty, the saving love of Jesus, to a  fallen and broken world.

10. our worship leaders raking a break.jpeg.jpg


 Our day continued with refreshments.

We then had a time of worship.



11 Cynthia and Peggy.jpeg.jpg

Here is another photo from the day, with Cynthia and Peggy





13 having a laugh.jpeg.jpg


We had a fun time, too!



12. sweets.jpeg.jpg




A big thank you to everyone who organised and played a part in the day.

There were so many thoughtful details, like little bowls of sweets on the tables. Thanks also to the dads at home who looked after the kids enabling the ladies to come.

We all had a great time, and look forward to next year!