Hook Ladies Bible study group


We have had a fun time this year at the Thursday morning Bible study group. About 12 ladies meet each week in term-time, usually in Chessington.

We started the year studying 1 and 2 Thessalonians using a Beth Moore study: ‘Children of the day’.

We would discuss a passage over 2 weeks from the Beth Moore study book, and then on the 3rd week we would watch a DVD with Beth speaking about a passage to a great depth.

We then had fun studying the story line of the Old Testament over the course of 5 weeks – following a Bible Explorer programme. This is usually a school programme for year 5 children, but we had a laugh wearing the costumes ourselves eg Mrs Noah (see photo)!

We finished off the year looking at great pray-ers of the Bible. Eg the story of Peter and John in Acts 4, and Jehoshophat in 2 Chronicles 20: coming to God in times of urgent need.

We also have time each week to chat and pray for one another. As we have shared our situations week-by-week, over the last year we have seen the hand of God acting in each of our lives – His healing, His guidance, His strengthening and His Salvation. Praise God!

If you would like to join us do speak to Carole at Church, or email us at contact@hookchurch.org.