How do you greet someone?    I have been known to say the usual polite good morning or if I'm with the youth I might say 'hey there' (I'm so cool).  
Imagine the scene on the Easter Sunday morning when the two Marys met with Jesus who had been dead and buried since the Friday.  The women were expecting a dead corpse, lifeless and starting to smell. Instead they discover that Jesus was no longer dead but alive, now this was amazing, unheard of, and mind blowing!

I love the ordinary greeting that Jesus gave to the women.   The first words of Jesus (recorded in Matthew 28) were simply 'greetings'.  I love the ordinary in the extraordinary.   This reminded me of what Christianity is - people like you and me - broken, flawed, damaged (the ordinary) being restored and transformed by a magnificent, all loving, personal God!  

Now that's extraordinary!