On Saturday 2nd December, the Sunday School of Rock put on a wonderful concert. Twelve 10 - 20 year olds, plus some other more mature musicians, played and sang a wonderful selection of pieces; please enjoy the photos shown below.

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Some of the Church 'Winter Wonderland' decoration




And the table decorations




With the Concert soon to begin






And some of our musicians catching a chat beforehand. Including Ethan, the youngest member at aged 10, who played the trumpet in all the group pieces.




And the sound team gearing up




The Concert begins



First up the whole band sang 'King of My Heart'. by Sarah McMilan: 

"Let the King of my heart be

the mountain when I run,

The fountain I drink from,

Oh he is my heart".

A beautiful song to start with.





Then Anna sang 'River' by Joni Mitchell, which Anna and Rach had arranged between them.








Sophie sang 'Fight Song' by Rachel Plattern. Even though she had a sore throat, Sophie sang the song beautifully, and the others accompanied her after the first verse.






Jonathan sang 'Earth Song' by Michael Jackson - The Christmas Number 1 in 1995










Rach, Daniel and Jonathan H played a Shostakovich waltz: no 3. This was originally for Piano, flute and clarinet, but these 3 instruments equally conveyed the lighthearted mood of this waltz.





Charlotte sang a medley of songs from the film: 'Mary Poppins'. Charlotte and Rach had met together and had selected Charlotte's, and Becca's, favourite songs, and then working out the best keys for each piece. Then, using lots of sellotape, they had pieced the songs together - including, of course: 'Super-cali-fragil-istic-expi-ali-docious!'. With Charlotte needing no script, it showed what a favourite the film was!





And then came some audience participation... The 12 days of Christmas, with a twist - other than 1, 5 and 12 the other lines were all jumbled up.

There were baubles around the room with numbers 1 to 12 on them, and we all found the bauble nearest us, and then stood up and sang the appropriate line .





Some of the audience singing their line..









Doug and Corialie had...

   "5 Gold Rings"









And here are Willetta and Jeremy singing their line..

and then it was time for the interval.





- some smart members of the team















- and a great shot of Natalie







After the interval,

the Band struck up with the 'Dance of the Sugar plum fairy by Tchaikovsky, with the addition of jackets for the guys, fairy-wings for the gals. The tune was also played on the hand-bells; to play the hand-bells the players had to both be able to read the music, and to understand the rhythm.. Daniel and Ethan were playing their trumpets at the back.




Sophie and Emily sang 'Flashlight' by Jessie J- and there were many flashlights swaying among the audience by the end of the song.







Cynthia sang a beautiful rendition of 'O Come, O Come Emanuel'. Rach and Cynthia had met and prepared this arrangement together.









Anna sang 'Trust in You' by Lauren Daigle, another lovely song.

"I cry out to You, I will trust, I will trust, I will trust in You"






Vicky sang ' Strong' by London Grammar. Vicky specially came back from Uni to sing this for us















Dan had a lot of fun playing the Rock number: 'Knights of Cydonia' by Muse.






with the excellent drummer, Aubin















Oh rock star!











and then, for something completely different, Daniel and Jonathan played Elgar's 'Nimrod. The previous time Daniel played this was at his Grandad's funeral. Another lovely piece of music.







The Concert finished with 'Winter Wonderland', which we all joined in with.



We would have loved the Concert to have carried on all night, but this was time to finish..







We loved it!!





and, finally, time for some well-deserved thank yous.

And also to remind us that all the money raised would go to the 'Morning Star Children's Centre' in South Africa.




With flowers for all those who contributed - Amy's amazing Church decorations, Nella for refreshments and Nicole for all her vocal support/ decorating ideas and powerpoint. Thanks also went to the sound team, the slides guys, and to Hannah for her valuable work with the page-turning.

And thanks also went to everyone for coming along and supporting the event.






And here are all the youth, with Rach their SSoR band leader.

A wonderful group of young people, who sang and played their hearts out for the Lord and for His Glory!








Kaye recorded the Concert - if you would like to listen/re-listen to it, do email us on contact@hookchurch.org.