A = A blessing to the world.  We know we are not saved by doing good works (Eph 2v8,9), but we know that we are saved to do them (Eph 2v10). It is as we do good works that we are a blessing to the community in which we live. The world ought to be a better place because there are Christians in it.

B = Babies - the church is full of them - and more are arriving all the time!!!!

B = Baptism. We practice Believers Baptism and often hold these Baptismal Parties.

C = Culture is to be influenced by the gospel and by Christians being salt and light in society. When a person becomes a Christian they start reforming their lives to be like Christ. As a church full of people trying to be like Jesus we do not want to turn our back on society and culture - rather we want to be involved in them so that we can reform them for good. One day culture and society will be perfect - we want to make them as good as we can before that day.

D = Deacons. The church at Hook is served by deacons who take care of our fabric and finances.

D = Disciple - we want to make disciples. A disciple is someone who tries to be just like Jesus in his belief and behaviour.

E = Elders. Hook EC is directed by elders who oversee all that goes on in church life.

E = embrace life now. According to 1 Timothy 4v8 the gospel gives us promise for both this present life and the life to come. Christianity is not all about "going to be with Jesus when I die." It also impacts life now and this is seen in the improvements we want to make to life around us on our frontline.  We really want to improve life now as much as we can.

F = Frontline. We describe the place where we spend most of our time as the frontline. The frontline is not church, we don't spend most of our time there. We spend time with our family, our friends, at school or at work or in the community. These are our frontlines. The frontline is a place where you can advance the gospel.

F = Fellowship. We want to enjoy genuine and deep fellowship as God's community. We believe that God keeps us through each other. As we encourage each other and serve each other we help each other persevere.

F = Flexibility minded and scripturally based. The gospel is truth unchanged and unchanging, but the world we live in changes all the time. We need to get the unchanging gospel to people in a changing society and we need to be flexible as we do that.

F = Football - yeah it gets a mention too often for some but not enough for others!

F = Forgiveness. We want to be a community where forgiveness is given and received. We have been forgiven by God and we want to show forgiveness to others. But this is easier said than done.

G = Giving. We want to excel in the grace of giving.

G = Good life. God wants us to live the best life possible whilst on earth. He has given us commands to this end - commands which are for our good (Dt 10v12,13) commands which are our life (Dt 32v46,47). These commands are not burdensome - they are given for our benefit and for the benefit of other people. By obeying them we live, and we will be such a blessing to others.

H = Holistic. The whole person matters. We are concerned for a person's physical health, mental health, as well as spiritual health. We run support groups for each of these three areas.

H = Holy Spirit. We believe in the Trinity, Father, Son, Spirit. We believe that the Spirit brings glory to Jesus, gives new life to people, and imparts his gifts to his church, and produces his fruit in our lives.

H = Hope. We believe there is always hope. There is hope for every individual who turns to Christ. We refuse to say "it's all over." The end is never The End.

I = Individual Salvation is for our blessing and for community benefit. We know that salvation is for the individual "the Son of God loved me" (Gal 2v20) and the gospel offers a personal relationship with the Living God. But salvation is more than individual - it is corporate, Our God and Saviour, Jesus Christ gave himself for us to redeem us from all wickedness and to purify for himself a people that are his very own, eager to do what is good (Titus 2v14). When an individual is saved they become part of the people of God.

J = Justification by faith alone. We believe that a person is out right with God by the finished work of Jesus in his cross and resurrection. When we believe the gospel we are justified.

J = Justice. We have a concern for justice to be done in the world. A concern for those caught up in poverty, persecution, people-traffiking.

K = Kettles - we make endless cups of tea and coffee!

K = Kingdom of God - which is the rule of God. This is not spatial, as if it can be plotted in an atlas and has geographic boundaries, but dynamic: it is God ruling. This rule is in the hearts of God's people and is seen in the way they transform people and situations around them, in school, the work place, the neighbourhood, or family.

L =Little Rascals. A group for mums, dads, carers and their babies and toddlers.

L= Life Matters. God doesn't transport a person from this life to the next the very second they become a Christian; he leaves them on earth. He wants to us to reflect his image on this earth - he wants us to show other people what he is like by the way we are and live; yes, we may be the only Bible some people will ever read. So God has left us instructions in his word on how to reflect his image which means also living the best life possible and enjoying life to the full. Why does God give us so many commands on how to live? Surely it is that by obeying these commands we thoroughly enjoy life!

L = Love. We want to be a community full of love. We believe heaven will be a world of love and we want to start showing that love now. We believe that we cannot love God without loving people; indeed that our loving people is an evidence of our loving God. "Persons should try their love to God by their love to the people of God," said Jonathan Edwards.

M = Mission. We are passionate about Mission both in England and in the world. We want people to be reached with the lifesaving gospel of Jesus.

M= Multicultural. We have people from every continent in the world represented in the fellowship.

M = Music. We love music! Our music team really enables us to worship God. We have a piano, some flutes, some violins, guitars, a clarinet, and some congas!

N = Natter & Nosh. A meeting for the ladies who like to natter and to nosh! There is usually a presentation of a subject from a speaker, and some nice food to devour.

N= New Earth.  One day Jesus Christ will return, and when he does so he will burn up this old creation and install a new heavens and a new earth, the home of righteousness; the home of his perfected, sinless people.

O = One and only life. That's what we have, that's what God has given us. We have this life to do all we can to get ourselves and others ready for glory. We don't want to waste our lives.

P = Passion. We want to do church according to our spiritual passions and gifts; not according to an expected evangelical church week. Who is God raising up amongst us?  What does that person want to do for the Lord? Let this dictate the agenda of church life.

P = People more important than programmes. We want to be a church that revolves around the kind of people that God is raising up amongst us, rather than around the kind of programmes we think a church ought to do.  The question is not "How can we find people to run this programme?" But, "How can we free people to do what God wants them to do?"

P = Prayer. We want to be committed to prayer. We have prayer meetings, and prayer circles and prayer lists and prayer groups and various prayer ministries. We believe that God works his wonders in answer to his people praying.

Q = Questions. There are more questions than answers, and though we have a few answers yet we have to live with many unresolved questions in this life.

R = Relationships. We want relationships to flourish in our church community. We believe there are four fundamental relationships, each of these have been ruptured by the fall, and each of these are being restored in Christ. One day they will be perfect - but before then we want them to be as good as they can get whilst living in a fallen world.

R = Resurrection. We believe that Jesus rose from the dead physically. He is the firstfruits and when he returns those who belong to him will also rise as he rose. Our hope is not for a body-less existence floating around somewhere for all eternity; but for a real body, united with a perfected soul, enjoying God forever and ever.

R = Rhythm of church life. In order for us to survive and thrive on our frontline we need to withdraw behind that frontline for fellowship. On our gospel frontline we will receive hits and injuries as we try to tell the gospel - we need to have these healed and we need to be inspired again so that we can go back out to our frontline. So we withdraw behind the frontline for fellowship. We do this at various times and places, but essentially twice a week; Sundays for worship and ministry; Wednesdays in small groups for fellowship and prayer. But then we do not stay behind the frontline - we go back out onto it in order to win other people for Christ.

S = Salvation. Salvation is a many splendoured thing - we want to experience it in all its fullness. It is the experience of being brought from spiritual death to spiritual life and enjoying God from now on. It is the process of being reconciled in every fundamental relationship we were designed for. It is the status of being right with God and no longer under any condemnation. It is the enjoyment of being restored to what we should be as the image of God.

S = Service. We serve God by serving people, we love God by loving people; indeed there is no other way to serve God or to show our love to God. Anyone who says he loves God but hates his brother is a liar and the truth is not in him. We want to glorify God by doing good to people.

S = Small Groups. We meet in small groups mainly on alternate Wednesday nights. But there are other small groups throughout the week where people meet for friendship, Bible Study and prayer.

S = Suffering Church. We live in a country where we have religious freedom at this present time, but we are aware that there are thousands of our brothers and sisters in Christ who do not, and who are in fact, persecuted for righteousness sake. We remember them and pray for them regularly.

T = The Stream. we are conscious that we stand in the stream of humanity. In a real stream if someone pours pollution in 3 villages up the river, then the river 3 villages down will be polluted and the people will be poisoned. What our ancestors did 5 generations ago affects us today; likewise what we do now will affect our children and grandchildren in the future. So we want to pour good stuff into the stream of humanity: righteousness, justice, kindness, goodness and love.

T = Training. We pray and work for future leaders, pastor-teachers and missionaries to be sent from this church.  To that end we are constantly training people.

T = Trinity. We believe God to be One Being existing in Three Persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. By the strength and assistance of the Holy Spirit we can have a relationship with the Father on the basis on what the Son has done.

T = Tuesday Service. A service at 2.00 on Tuesday afternoons for anyone who is free to come along!

U = Unreached People group. We know of a people group in Chad, who, at present do not have a Bible in their own language, nor do they have a gospel church amongst them. We are working together with a missionary agency to see that this people receive both these blessings as soon as possible.

U = Unity in diversity. Our church is made up of all kinds of different people with different personalities, and ages, and from different places around the world, with differing cultures. We are very diverse. And yet we live together in unity and seek to allow expressions of diversity to strengthen our unity as we learn from one another. There is no favouritism with God.

V = Values. We have values based on the scriptures.

W = Who knows. We want to "expect great things from God and to attempt great things for him." In our attempting we are expecting God to work. We go out with a "Who knows if God will work" attitude. We are not pessimistic (This will never work, we've tried it a 1000 times before), but optimistic - "This time, who knows, but God will work powerfully." See Jonah 3v9; Joel 2v14; Esther 4v14; 2 Timothy 2v25.

W = Work. We emphasise that our daily work matters! Work has both an intrinsic and an instrumental value. Part of our mission is to help our members work well, and all for the glory of God.

W = Worship. We seek to engage in God-glorifying and people transforming worship. We become like what we worship - so we want to worship the Lord Jesus Christ. If a person worships an idol, they become like that idol; if a person worships money they become greedy; if we worship Jesus we become like him. When we worship in spirit and in truth then this not only brings glory to God, but also changes us into what we should be.

W = Welcome. You are sure to find a warm welcome amongst us.

X = eXpository preaching. We want to experience life-changing teaching. We work our way through books of the Bible and bring out its meaning for then and its message for now.

Y = Youth Work. Friday nights is youth night! We have groups for all ages from 3 to 20, starting at 5.00 and going through to 10.00.

Y= Young Disciples. A group of young people on a two year course to teach them the basics of discipleship.

Z = Zeal. We want to zealous for God and for his glory. We want to be intense about the things that really matter, and laid-back about the things that don't. We want to practice laid-back intensity.